Secretariat: 1036 Budapest III., Lajos utca 48/66. C Building, Floor 5.
Telephone: (36-1) 489-4330, fax: (36-1) 355-4049,

Rehearsal Hall: 1036 Budapest III., Selmeci utca 14-16.
Telephone: (36-1) 388-6538, 368-6626, fax:(36-1) 250-0255,

The evening closed brilliantly with a stunning performance of Stravinsky`s Firebird Suite that entranced and fired the immagination of the listener.{...} By effectively highlighting certain instruments, Fischer`s wonderful musicianship and charisma as a conductor made it seem as though the mythical firebird had appeared, igniting the stage with flashes of fire from its georgeous plummage.
Hong Kong, New Straits Times, November 25th, 2000, Flavia de Souza

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