Mit Erfolg alte Zöpfe abgeschnitten
10 2011  
Axel Zibulski, Offenbach-Post  
Topless Beaches and Tapas Bars: The Quincena Music Festival in San Sebastián
10 January 2011  
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Als de meester schertst...
9 2011  
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London vacation, part I
9 July 2011  
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Proms 63, 64, 65: Budapest FO/Fischer; BBC NOW/ Van Steen at the Albert Hall
9 May 2011  
Geoff Brown,The Times  
Proms 63 & 64: Budapest Festival Orchestra/Iván Fischer
9 April 2011  
Tim Ashley, The Guardian  
Saturday Night Loser's Club, Vol. CCLXXV: Audience Choice Edition
9 March 2011  
(chingchonchinaman), Daily Kos (blog)  


Leidenschaft und pralle Lebenslust
10 2011  
(Ge) Taunus Zeitung  
Grandioses Gastspiel beim Beethovenfest
9 2011  
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More Proms Reviews and Rants
9 August 2011  
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Best of the Proms?
9 June 2011  
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Budapest Festival Orchestra, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London
9 May 2011  
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Trumpets and Demons - Prom 63 Mahler 1, Liszt Fischer
9 March 2011  
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Proms 63 && 64: Budapest Festival Orchestra, Fischer, Royal Albert Hall
9 March 2011  
Edward Seckerson, The Independent  


Schubert und Bartók - Diabolisches Tastenrasen und feinste Lyrik
10 2011  
NN., Frankfurter Rundschau  
Beethovenfest III : Iván Fischer revisite ses classiques!
9 2011  
Pierre-Jean Tribot, ResMusica  
Meester van de klassieke symfonie
9 August 2011  
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Proms 63 & 64: Fun at the Proms? It can happen.
9 May 2011  
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Proms 63: Budapest Festival Orchestra
9 May 2011  
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BBC Proms: Lazic, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Fischer/Audience Choice Prom
9 March 2011  
Igor Toronyi-Lalic, The Arts Desk  
Triple Paprika! 'Hungarian Dances' is in Proms Lit Fest
9 March 2011  
Jessica Duchen's blog  


Fischer combines a probing intellect with an acute awareness of every emotional shift in any given score. This creates performances with transcendental energy, in which feeling and formal logic are held in perfect balance... The playing throughout was beyond criticism. The Budapest Festival Orchestra, which Fischer founded in 1983, ranks among the most formidable ensembles in the world.
London, The Guardian, 2001 February 20th, Tim Ashley

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