Mit Erfolg alte Zöpfe abgeschnitten
10 2011  
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Topless Beaches and Tapas Bars: The Quincena Music Festival in San Sebastián
10 January 2011  
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Als de meester schertst...
9 2011  
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London vacation, part I
9 July 2011  
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Proms 63, 64, 65: Budapest FO/Fischer; BBC NOW/ Van Steen at the Albert Hall
9 May 2011  
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Proms 63 & 64: Budapest Festival Orchestra/Iván Fischer
9 April 2011  
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Saturday Night Loser's Club, Vol. CCLXXV: Audience Choice Edition
9 March 2011  
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Leidenschaft und pralle Lebenslust
10 2011  
(Ge) Taunus Zeitung  
Grandioses Gastspiel beim Beethovenfest
9 2011  
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More Proms Reviews and Rants
9 August 2011  
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Best of the Proms?
9 June 2011  
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Budapest Festival Orchestra, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London
9 May 2011  
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Trumpets and Demons - Prom 63 Mahler 1, Liszt Fischer
9 March 2011  
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Proms 63 && 64: Budapest Festival Orchestra, Fischer, Royal Albert Hall
9 March 2011  
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Schubert und Bartók - Diabolisches Tastenrasen und feinste Lyrik
10 2011  
NN., Frankfurter Rundschau  
Beethovenfest III : Iván Fischer revisite ses classiques!
9 2011  
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Meester van de klassieke symfonie
9 August 2011  
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Proms 63 & 64: Fun at the Proms? It can happen.
9 May 2011  
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Proms 63: Budapest Festival Orchestra
9 May 2011  
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BBC Proms: Lazic, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Fischer/Audience Choice Prom
9 March 2011  
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Triple Paprika! 'Hungarian Dances' is in Proms Lit Fest
9 March 2011  
Jessica Duchen's blog  


As for the dynamic Fischer and his players, it is equally rare to hear a conductor achieving such spectacular results with such apparently small effort.
Anthony Holden, The Observer, November 20, 2005.

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